Big Sky SGF

Montana's Premier Submission Grappling Tournament Series.


Big Sky SGF has set out to offer the great state of Montana the best in local, home grown Submission Grappling Competition.  We noticed that there has not been any regularly scheduled BJJ and Sub Grappling tournaments that happen year to year in Montana.  Yes, there have been some, but not on a regular basis.  There are also the occasional Academy tournaments that coincide with high profile seminars.  But no annual tournaments that Montana Jiu Jiteros can count on year after year!  The only way for most Montana submission grapplers to test their skill was to travel out of state.  Big Sky SGF has set out to change that.  With the spectacular success of the First Annual Garden City Open we would say that Big Sky SGF is well on its way to accomplishing that goal! The ultimate plan is to have three large scale tournaments across the State in three major city's of Montana.  A spring, a fall and a winter tournament.