BJJ Event Rules

Ways to win:

  • You can win each match by submission or by scoring points by obtaining a dominant position during the last minute of the round. 
  • Over Time:  If there happens to be a tie at the end of a round you will go into a sudden death overtime round of one minute.  In sudden death it is first to submit or score.  If in a submission hold, the competitor must escape the hold before points will be awarded.  If no submission or points are scored during the SD round it will be Referees decision.   
  • After you face everyone in your bracket, each person’s after match points will be added up to determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each bracket.

Point System:

  • 4 back
  • 4 mount
  • 3 pass guard
  • 2 sweep
  • 2 takedown
  • 2 knee on belly

Match time:

  • Adults - 5 minute match
  • Children 6 -15 years of age - 4 minute match
  • Sudden Death Overtime - 1 minute

General Rules:

- Competitors will weigh in the first time they check in.  The gi will not be required to weigh in.

- No unsportsmanlike conduct will be allowed.

- Referees, at their own discretion, may disqualify and or eject any competitor or coach for unsportsmanlike conduct.

- In divisions ages 5 to 15 and adult white belt, the referee has the right to call the match if he or she believes the submission or position may cause serious injury.

- No visible body jewelry will be allowed.

- The competitor and his or her uniform must be clean.

- No infectious skin diseases or open wounds will be permitted.

- Fingernails and toenails must be clipped.

- To the best of our abilities, we will be dividing adults and kids divisions by weight, age, and experience level, but we reserve the right to combine and expand divisions as we see fit.

Judo Division Rules

 - Attire: Judo and BJJ Gis are both allowed to encourage cross-over entries this year.    Gi color does not matter, anklets attached to the belt indicating Blue or Red                will be utilized so players are not required to have two uniforms.

- Judo Division Rule Set:

            Please follow this link -> 


Men’s weight classes (Age 16+)

Up to-145 lbs
146-165 lbs
166-185 lbs
186-205 lbs
206- 225 lbs
226- up

Absolute (Open weight, 18+)

Women’s weight classes (Age 16+)

Up to 130 lbs
131-155 lbs
156-170 lbs
171- up
Absolute (Open weight, 18+)

Kid’s weight classes (15 and Under)

Up to 45 lbs
46-60 lbs
61-76 lbs
77-92 lbs
93-108 lbs
109- 124 lbs
125-140 lbs
141 -up